At a time when scores of musicians are emerging from Toronto, Ebhoni boldly sets herself apart in a scene that can feel mostly like a boys’ club. The 17-year-old performer and songwriter has been building a following online, posting covers of songs by Beyoncé and other artists on her YouTube channel. In March, she’ll release her debut EP, Mood Ring, featuring the single “Killing Roses.” Today, we’re happy to premiere the single’s music video:

On an extremely cold midwinter day, I met up with Ebhoni in Toronto’s Kensington Market, one of her favorite neighborhoods, to take the photos you’ll see below. I called her up later to chat about her ambitions, her determination to push herself as hard as she possibly can, and her admiration for Beyoncé.

NAFISA KAPTOWNWALA: What drew you to music?

EBHONI: I started singing around the house when I was much younger.

At what age?

I would say when I was like eight. I started singing around the house and performing. Then one day I was singing in my mom’s room and she heard me and said, “Ebhoni, sing it again.” So I started singing, and my mom actually was the one who filmed my first YouTube video. I started making YouTube videos and getting over 100,000 views. Then I started recording and writing my own music. That’s how I actually began singing—through YouTube and just being around the house.