I’m in my room. My Lauryn Hill CD is playing, my disco light bulb is spinning, I am lying on my bed. The door is shut, but my mind is wide open. My ideas provide food for thought. I am alone once again, but not feeling lonely:

Doesn’t he realise how dedicated I am?
Constantly staring and hoping,
Or how frustrated I am,
When nothing’s going right.

He’s too cool, he’s too cool,
I know, I know.
But he’s not too cool in my dreams,
Every night he’s there.

He won’t leave my dreams,
So how can I get over,
The fact that his hair is so great,
I once creepily took grass out of it, without him realising,

I believe that if you wish for something as hard as you can,
The universe will give you what you want.
So my wish is that he thinks about me too,
And that I’m not wandering down a lonely, one-way street.

Please don’t let me wander down that lonely, one way street. ♦