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Collage by Ruby Aitken, using a photo via BuzzFeed.

Water protectors at Standing Rock were told that they must leave their camp or face arrest. I can’t believe that it has come to this.

Photos by Ian Maddox for Brooklyn Magazine.

Although it may seem like Roxane Gay became a famous literary sensation overnight, her career has been decades in the making. This profile highlights what a powerhouse Gay is, and I was glad to read it—especially during Black History Month. —Camryn Garrett

Photo via the Ringer.

For the Ringer, Hannah Giorgis interviewed Brown Girls creator Fatimah Asghar about the new web series and the importance of representation in media.

Photo via the New York Times.

The Trump administration has moved to rescind the federal protections that allowed transgender students to use bathrooms corresponding with their gender identity. —Diamond Sharp ♦