New Tricks

Some say that I only see
The primary colors
That I am the most loyal of the beings of this world
But I am more than that.
I wait for you impatiently at the door
After an exhausting day
I know that you are exhausted
But I’m happy and I need to show
To the world that I have not yet succumbed
To the stress of big cities
I’m still guided by your whistle.
And howling at the rhythm of your favorite songs;
I tear from your soul
All your fears with my licks
And amazement of his somewhat confused mind
With my strident whines
All afflictions and anguishes …
The song of the birds at dawn
The tomato slices in the sun
As she creeps toward me
With his known paws
And your jaboticaba eyes
I confess I do not understand it.
His body withdrawn and his shell shiny.

When you fall asleep
The world remains the same as real life
Without a moral of the story
Or final judgment
And nature still hides secrets
Just like the butterflies that after leaving
Of their cocoons last only 1 day
Turtles last longer than their
Own owners
Let it say the tortoise of Charles Darwin
Which was adopted in 1835 and only died in 2006!
About me every year
I get more mature
Cats can even have seven lives
But we dogs resemble you
Aging and aging
Until we became children again.

How children who invade our yard
And school in six hours a day;
I still do not know how to speak
But I understand everything you say
And I am much smarter than animals
Portrayed in Aesop’s fables
My line of reasoning is a little
More dynamic than its
And my sixth sense could prevent you
To get into trouble
I’m afraid of thunder
And I run after the little birds
Because nature has shown itself unreservedly
For me forever
And I just hope you’re humble
Enough to learn new tricks.

By Mariana S.-F., 24, São Paulo, Brazil