This month’s Collage Kit includes a random assortment of images to help you tap into your creative side and make something personal to you. Maybe your theme will reflect a memory, a feeling, or just who you are in this moment! Print the pages, then pick out the images you connect with most to make your collage. I’d also encourage you to look at Tumblr, Pinterest, or old magazines for inspiration and more source material. You could even try drawing or taking your own photos!

Download the first page of the kit here:

Here is the second page:

This page would be nice for adding a background, pattern, or texture:

And so would this one:

At the end of February, we’ll publish a gallery of the collages readers made with this kit. If you want to submit your collage, please send it to [email protected] along with your first name, last initial, age, and location by 6 PM ET on Monday, February 20. In your email, please use the subject line “February Collage.” Feel free to submit a description with your collage so we can get an understanding of your interpretation. (And please save the image file at 300 dpi, if you’re able—it helps make your images look clean ’n’ clear on the site.) Can’t wait to see your creations! ♦