Hi, John! Hi, Kate! Hi, Peppercorn!

Kate Berlant and John Early are best friends and comedic geniuses. Together they create characters that are earnest, awkward, ambitious, and just super weird/lovable. (You can see what we mean in their episodes of 2016’s The Characters, or in this classic video about Paris.) Their latest series, 555, premiered last week on Vimeo and features five strange, sad tales of almost-success in Hollywood.

We were thrilled when Kate and John volunteered to tackle some of Rookie readers’ life-dilemmas in this latest installment of Ask a Grown. They’re about to shower you with compliments and kind, thoughtful advice in a video guest-starring Kate’s sweet puppy Peppercorn. Thank you, John and Kate!

Want sound advice from someone you don’t know IRL? Email your questions—along with your name/nickname, age, and location—to [email protected] Grown people are on the case!