As young people, we’re often told to set goals and achieve stuff, but nobody seems to be telling us HOW to do that. You can use this worksheet to reflect on a goal and make it even stronger. Print it out, fill it in, decorate it as much as you want, and then tape it to a place you’ll see every day:

If you’re looking for some goal-setting tips, here’s what works for me (Lennon):

  • After I set a goal, I review it to make sure it’s a SMART goal. I learned about SMART goals, which I guess are kind of a teacher thing, from my ninth grade Middle Eastern Studies teacher, Ms. Bell. (Thank you, Ms. Bell!) SMART is an acronym that stands for “specific, measurable, attainable, rewarding, and timely.” If you want to learn more about SMART goals, here is an in-depth explanation.
  • I make sure my goals are for me, not my parents, teachers, peers. I ask myself, “Why do I want this?”
  • I break big goals into step-by-step goals. One longterm goal for the whole year, for example, can be split into 12 smaller goals—one for each month.
  • I like to think of a strategy to get myself to follow through. Watching Netflix while stationary biking helps me actually exercise, and the pressure of maintaining a Duolingo practice streak helps me keep up with language learning.

If you need some extra motivation, you can print out these mini-posters, decorate them, and hang them up to remind yourself how great you are.

Here is one:

And here is the other:

Good luck with your goals, whatever they may be! ♦