Tell them with your eyes.

I’m a huge fan of wearing my thoughts and feelings prominently and explicitly. I’m also one of the world’s biggest shine enthusiasts: glitter and crystals give me hope. To challenge the disempowerment I’m forced to navigate in this world, I was inspired to write the word “Power” across my brow in rhinestones.

This look was influenced by Missy Elliott’s use of gems as makeup, and an artist and dream girl named Gabrielle Drew. The fun thing about it is that rhinestone words (or phrases, paragraphs…you name it!) can be changed for any occasion and be placed on any part of your face!

Let’s get started with this super-simple makeup trick!

What you’ll need:

  • Shimmery or glittery eyeliner
  • Self-stick alphabet gems (I got this set for two bucks plus change.)

How to do it:

Step One

Start off with a “clean” face—and that can mean whatever you feel! For me, it’s no eyeshadow.

Step Two

With your eyeliner, line both of your upper eyelids with thick, straight lines. I winged mine slightly. The goal is to create a streak of shimmer across both eyes that will reflect the shine of the rhinestone letters (and add sparkle, of course).

Step Three

Grab your adhesive alphabet gems. Gently, slowly peel the thickest part of each letter from the sheet, then just stick the letter to your head or wherever! Gently push the letter to your skin so that it will stay put.

Also! If you’re using a mirror, remember that letters and phrases are reversed in your reflection.

You’re good to go! ♦