scorpio1Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is peace. Lady Luna is in your fourth house of home, so you’re being called to bring a sense of calm to your environment and the people in it. Sometimes, keeping it together is the biggest expression of love you can muster.

Dylan’s advice: Keeping the peace is an active duty, founded on bringing in honesty and truth where it’s hidden, lacking, or being neglected. It’s not a stance of submission! So what in your home needs more active peace? Have family arguments have gotten frustrating, leading to dead ends? Have political debates with roommates caused tension instead of understanding? Is your room reeling from a stress hurricane, making your thoughts as scattered as your clothes on the ground? Remember that home is a space to nurture. What can you do to nurture your family or roommates into a place of better understanding each other? What can make your home a space of peace and truth? Though focusing on the home seems private and internal, the change begins there, and Aquarius energy will be there to remind you it’s for the ripples of greater good.