virgo1Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is recover. Lady Luna is in your sixth house of health, so you’re being called to help both yourself and others heal. Pick up the parts of your psyche and your community that have been ignored and give them some TLC.

Dylan’s advice: Our selves are structures that need repair, even as we continue to build. They’re beautiful landmarks that need restoration to shine and fortification to weather the times. We know about the importance of radical self-care, and that taking care of ourselves is fundamental to any sustainable effort to bring about a better world. It’s your turn to take five at this new moon if you’ve been run ragged, or in need of a breather. Baths, brunches, a bed day—you have a cosmic permission slip this weekend. Rest is another building block that holds up the strongest structures of our selves; just as strength, smarts, and joy sustain the physics of us being able to move through the world at our best and brightest. Fortify your fortress with a recovery moment.