cancer1Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is transgress. Lady Luna is in your eighth house of taboos, so you’re being called to expose the truth, even when it seems outrageous. No alternative facts for you, Cancer—your killer instincts give you one of the best b.s. detectors in the zodiac!

Dylan’s advice: I don’t know whether you should dust off your magnifying glass or your crystal ball. Your power at this new moon will lie between intelligent scrutiny and heightened intuition. Wherever and however you discern the truth, it’s your job to be its defender. Trust what you find, and call it what it is. What does this mean on an average day, and not in a Sherlock episode? Well, I would suggest that because this new moon is in your house of transformations, you should arm yourself with facts. Go into debates and discussions with the most transformative information available—research! This is how you can change minds and reach the most possible, most authentic forms of understanding. It’s not a guarantee in this “post-fact” world, but it’s the best shot we have being open to each other.