gemini1Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is hope. Lady Luna is in your ninth house of beliefs, so you’re being called to reach down deep and fix your mind on a better future. Listen to former President Barack Obama’s “audacity of hope” speech and get inspired.

Dylan’s advice: The moon is calling you into higher realms to deliver good news back down to us down here in the doldrums of dreary reality. Where do you find inspiration? Through spirituality, philosophy, or research? What can you share with us that will help us expand our thinking? You play the role of the oracle of possibility at this new moon. Dive into the material or the experiences that take constrictions off your mind and weight off your heart. This is literally a moonbeam pinging your optimism generator. Go where you know you can find that sensation again because it still lives there. It’s waiting for you to visit, and the rest of us want to know what messages of hope you find there!