aries1Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is inspire. Lady Luna is in your 11th house of ideals, so you’re being called to model top-notch ally behavior for you and your crew. No one’s perfect, but every movement needs a leader, and Aries is always up for the job.

Dylan’s advice: You are the @RogueNasa of the Zodiac wheel at this new moon: fighting the man, one zinger (based on scientific fact) at a time. Your resistance is zesty, and that can be a huge boon to any group you join, whether it’s a volunteer collective, a student union, or a flung-together meet-up of friends to discuss current events and organizing strategies. In order to inspire, you gotta have an audience. Your new moon task is to find your team, and do it now. Who are your action accomplices? Who are your allies, and to whom can you be an ally? Bring your fiery energy to the table, and back it up with the tools to be a productive ally. Your energy is needed!