1446559388pisces1-140x133Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is gift. Lady Luna is in your 12th house of service, so you’re being called to volunteer for something you care passionately about. Even if it’s just listening to someone who needs a sensitive ear, your attention can be a gift unto itself.

Dylan’s advice: The 12th house is very esoteric, and there are many collisions in its themes that will offer creative spaces for you to shine in the service of others. As it rules prisons, hospitals, and institutions, it also rules the imagination and all manner of the arts, including dance, poetry, and other artistic expressions. Are there programs around you to volunteer your more creative talents for those in sterile or state-sanctioned environments? Check out projects such as writing letters to those whose rights under attack, or yoga or art experiences for prisoners, or opportunities to spend time at hospitals or hospices near you. This is as much about giving your time as it is giving a bit of your soul to something you care about. You’ll be able to create a huge impact by reflecting and listening to where your intuition wants you to serve. ♦