aquarius1Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is visibility. Lady Luna is in your first house of appearances, so you’re being called to show up in a major way for the causes you support. Representation really can change the cultural consciousness, so let your weirdness shine!

Dylan’s advice: The new moon is making you the person who shows everyone how to dance through this thing as a moving, coordinated, and EXTREMELY FUNKY unit. Resistance can be joyful, and this is no time—especially in the light of the moon—to distance yourself from your leadership potential. In the most literal way, you are being asked to BE the change, to embody your values with physicality and real action. Suggestion: Buy a blank T-shirt and use iron-on letters or puffy paint to create your resistance uniform. Choose a mantra to guide you (mine is, “Resist Fascism, Stay Free,” and you can copy me!) and put it on the shirt. First impressions are important, and ruled by the first house. As you’re crafting your shirt (or a tote, or a pin) decide how you will lead your people. Weekly calls to your congressional office? Monthly study groups of civil rights activism? Organizing a protest or rally of your own? It’s your time to step up into this role. It’ll help to have a uniform!