sagittarius1Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is teach. Lady Luna is in your third house of free speech, so you’re being called to educate others in your community about current events as they relate to your worldview. It sucks having to explain yourself, but it’s worth it to help those who want to learn.

Dylan’s advice: No matter what form your activism takes—Facebook posts, Instagram stories, zines, or group texts—you have the energy to be the ringleader of communication at this new moon. I don’t blame you if you flinch at this task. The sheer overload of intense information coming from the news is not only intellectually challenging to parse, but it can also be emotionally taxing. You, though, have an extra layer of strength and protection from the new moon to be the warrior of information for those who are tired and triggered from the barrage of bad news. Be the one who keeps up on Senate votes, local action items, and alternate news sources to get the most accurate, least sensational take on the matters of the day. If you have positions you feel like you need to clarify, or issues you feel called to think through more clearly, this is also an opportunity to make yourself heard in the productive light of supportive moonbeams.