Illustrations by Esme Blegvad.

Happy new moon! Today’s new moon is in Aquarius—and boy, do we need it. Aquarius is the sign of resistance, and after the Women’s Marches throughout the U.S. (and world!), it’s clear that spirit is alive and well in 2017.

As the new moon rises, so too does our desire to band together to change systems that aren’t working. Aquarius is the zodiac’s humanitarian, uniting the masses behind a common cause. The moon itself isn’t making any aspects this time around, so we get a pure, fresh burst of Aquarian ingenuity to work with. Under this moon, you pull back and examine how you can contribute to a long-term vision, both your own and that of a larger community. Just remember that Aquarius vibes mean you might ruffle a few feathers in your pursuit of your goals. You can’t please everyone, starshine.

Lady Luna may not be making any aspects, but rebellious Uranus rules the Aquarius moon, and there are plenty of other planetary influences to contend with there. Uranus has been in Aries since 2011, inspiring all of us to be more outspoken than ever, and with that comes conflict. An off-kilter square from Mercury in Capricorn makes it tough to distinguish fact from fiction, especially when someone is trying to spin the story in their favor. Luckily Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus promotes peaceful protests and smart debates over angry shouting matches. Finally, a stabilizing trine from Saturn in Sagittarius refines your personal philosophy and helps you speak your mind with a sense of authority.

Your mission for the Aquarius new moon—should you choose to accept it—is to decide what change you most want to see in the world, and to become that change. Not an easy task, but we know you’re up to it. Go get ’em, tiger!

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