Embracing the Infinite

Illustration by Noor Zehra.

We are inwardly whole, lost touch with our soul,
Step away from a limiting role
Embrace the wholeness of your being

Recognize the universal force,
How it connects you to something greater
Recognize the possibilities of the present

Accept who you are, take off your blindfold
Don’t let them confine you or define you.
Find the strength to find yourself
Explore the inner spaces of your being

Be the alchemist of your life, turn the darkness into light
Opening doors within and going in directions never explored.
Extend yourself beyond your comfort zone,
Across the pain and discomfort there is a place
And it is here where all your dreams unfold

Find joy in the present
In the space of uncertainty
We tend to find the essence of self,
In the space between past and future
Everything exists fully synchronized

Open your mind’s eye to the intuitive force,
Start to unravel all the gifts you hold,
Share them with the world, as you start to unify.
Sharing the shine of your soul
As the truth begins to unfold.
You ride the waves of inner states
With warm self embrace.
Inner peace and meaning begin to emerge.

By Noor Zehra