Illustration by Eden Taff.

Morning Country

(From the window)

Soft angles spread for miles,
And pointed upwards.
Germinating seeds, germinating green,
Expand for acres.

At eye-level,
The land seems infinite :
those twinkling fields
and yellow wildflowers.

The country soothes all.
A stagnant pond
Of forest green
Stands unflinchingly.

The country soothes worries
—it cools anxieties
the soft breeze
drifts about calmly.

A family of horses
The stray cat
Like distant cousins.

A stranger sees
The moon-light sky.
There! Luminous,
Light pierces pitch-black.

A French family,
Spills secrets,
In a packed house
The world is alive.

(Here, lives a stranger,
She walks, down the dirt road anxiously
Heel, toe ; heel, toe.)

By Adeleke McMillan