This year, instead of nosediving into a pool of unrealistic resolutions and goals I’ve decided to pace myself. For the first time I’m realizing that my life isn’t going to change overnight because of the new year. As a result of my decision, my “New Year’s resolution” list has turned into a short monthly list of things I hope to achieve.

This month’s goals are very basic: drink more water, try to see things from a different perspective, and stop procrastinating. Since everything is so simple and basic I know that if I can’t follow through with it I’ll be disappointed in myself. I’ll just have to remind myself that I set up these goals for myself in an attempt to motivate not discourage myself.

On the topic of staying motivated, I’ve recently met a group of people that help me do just that. We came together through a shared love of a musician we adore. When said artist, Kevin Abstract, announced his upcoming tour we made a group chat. I’ve never talked to such a diverse and talented group of people. We all excel in different mediums. I adore everyone I’ve met and can’t wait to see some of them at the concert.

I’m excited to start this part of my life with a set pace and support group. ♦