some ache,
some break.

my heart, racing at 200kph
sitting in an emergency room
trying to explain
to my friend’s parents
what happened.

I stood up, squared my shoulders,
and began to talk.

I didn’t tell them she drank much
too much of what she can’t handle.
I lied, with the crime already committed,
right before their very eyes.
after all, there are some things that only friends can know;
some things only friends can keep.
friends, like trusted heirs to a kingdom;
but this isn’t some kingdom
where blood does not clot,
this is a kingdom
of breathing, breaking beings.

I looked into their eyes and lied
and they knew, and I could see
a little flash, some twinkle in the eye,
that registers to me as heartbreak.

some ache,
some break—
I tiptoe in between. ♦