If you find yourself nauseated by the way capitalism coalesces with the holidays and the so-called spirit of giving, then you’ll love this printable wrapping paper! It has hardly anything to do with Christmas and we’re offering it for the low, low price of $0. All you need is a printer, paper, scissors, tape, and something you want to wrap.

A single printout is perfect for wrapping Secret Santa presents, stocking stuffers, and other tiny gifts. If you want to go bigger—like if you’re gifting one of these DIYs—you can print as many sheets as you like and tape the edges together. You can also give your papers a personal touch by coloring them in with markers, crayons, or paints.

Download this castle-adorned paper here:


A rabbit-covered paper here:


And this spacey paper here:


Happy wrapping, Rooks! ♦