scorpio1Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is emote. Lady Luna is in your third house of self-expression, so you’re being called to soften your exterior and let your feelings show. Honesty looks good on you.

Dylan’s advice: This new moon is a call to put away the pinch-y claws and opt for a softer touch when expressing your feelings. Have you been snapping at folks during the holidays, when family frustrations can so easily come bubbling up? Develop a reaction plan that will be a buffer between your brain and your mouth, to prevent unexamined and testy blurt-outs. Create catchphrases to use as responses to questions that bother you. For example: When the sixteenth second cousin at your family’s New Year’s party comes around to ask you what you’re planning to major in when you’re not sure yet, try not to get irritated. Instead, respond with a kinder, pre-determined reply like, “I’m just as curious as you are! I’m excited and still weighing my options. There’s so much to consider!” Expressing yourself gently takes tools. Don’t shut down. Just filter a little more carefully and honestly.