libra1.jpg copyAmelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is nest. Lady Luna is in your fourth house of home, so you’re being called to make your abode a warm, cozy space for the next year. It can be your sanctuary.

Dylan’s advice: Having a new moon in the home sector is so fun, especially when you may have a little time off. There’s an open schedule for tackling tasks, and this new moon is encouraging you to make your room your project. Begin by making two lists. One is for the things you want to revamp and bring into your space, such as a new paint color, a thrifted poster, or a rearranged bookshelf. The other list is for habits—like putting away your laundry, sweeping more often, or attentively caring for your plants—that will keep your space the way you like. It’s no use to do a big project and let the results wither away in the winds of erosive habits. This approach will see your visions through the year, not just winter break.