virgo1Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is invite. Lady Luna is in your fifth house of romance, so you’re being called to formally, politely ask your dreams to come with you into 2017. Charm them!

Dylan’s advice: Amelia’s tip makes me think of a lovely vision, where dreams are guests at the party that is your whole lifetime. This new moon will spark a beginning for any creative or romantic pursuits. (After the year we all had, you deserve that glimmer of glitter in the darkness.) Maybe your new moon/new year activity includes a vision board or an altar creation, where you symbolize the lovely things you want to bring into 2017. Maybe it’s a collage or a diorama that’s like a microcosm of all of your aspirations. Sweetness is on your side, if you decide to show it the way into your life.