leo1Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is organize. Lady Luna is in your sixth house of habits, so you’re being called to get the details of your life in order using a system that’s sustainable.

Dylan’s advice: This new moon, and this new year, is not about arbitrary goal-setting; it’s about laying down the railroad tracks for those goals to choo-choo through. What obstacles stand in the way of keeping your life organized? Do you try to force habits on yourself that don’t fit the natural flow of your day, or how your brain works? Could it be that you gave up on a project entirely when all you needed was a different tool? Try new strategies over the next several weeks and see which ones stick. Maybe it’s planning out your week all in one go on Sunday night. Maybe it’s opting for the calendar on your phone instead of a paper to-do list. Experiment before you commit, or even worse, give up. There is hope, Leos!