gemini1Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is abscond. Lady Luna is in your eighth house of the underworld, so you’re being called to get away from the spotlight, at least for a little while, to recover.

Dylan’s advice: If the public eye has you acting erratically and you need a break from the pressure of performing, take that break. Especially with Mercury in retrograde, your messaging may be mixed. Expression can be influenced or skewed by an audience, so sometimes it’s a good idea to opt out rather than overcompensate. If you’ve been feeling reckless, hit pause and escape to your favorite interests. This new moon brings documentary binge-watching weather, perfect YouTube wormhole conditions, and a tip-top read and retreat forecast. Indulge whatever restless energy you have into research and private exploration this new moon, rather than putting so much of yourself out there.