1446559388pisces1-140x133Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is delight. Lady Luna is in your 11th house of socializing, so you’re being called to bring joy to those around you at the many events you’re sure to attend this month.

Dylan’s advice: This new moon is a piece of candy for you, Pisces. Happy New Year! Be the party planner or fun-time wizard in your friend circle when everyone hits the group text asking, “What are we doing for New Year’s Eve?” Dream big, then figure out the details. Coordinate rides and invites, as Mercury Retrograde could scramble any loose ends. Be the concierge for an awesome end-of-the-year gathering of all your favorites. You’ll enjoy watching your social vision come to life just as much as your friends will enjoy your brilliant, sparkling plans. String together a low-stress, high-fun adventure. It will be just what the party doctor ordered. ♦