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Since when is “snowflake” an insult?

It’s important to embrace your ability to shine. This easy highlighting trick is super cheap and customizable. In just a few quick minutes, you’ll be as sparkly as a snowflake!

What you’ll need:


How to do it:

Step One


Start off with no makeup, or lots of makeup—whatever you want!

Step Two


Use your fingers to apply glitter eye shadow to your cheek bones. It will be a little sticky, but that’s the idea. You’re creating a subtle highlight effect, and prepping your cheeks for glitter and sequins.

Step Three


Grab your glitter!

Step Four


Load a makeup brush with glitter, then sweep it over the sticky, glittery eye shadow base. The shadow will act as an adhesive, so fear not about glitter falling off.

Step Five


Pick up a sequin with the pad of your finger, drop a little eyelash glue on the back, and then stick the sequin to your cheek. Repeat until you’ve achieved the desired level of glitz.


Done! Now you’re sparkling like ice. ♦