Nothing new has been going on in my world. I’ve just been incredibly busy, busy, busy. Hoping that somewhere at the end of this semester is my way out of academic probation. I’ve been working really hard, but I’m at that weird place in my semester where I’m not sure if I’m in the clear yet. Finals are fast approaching and I’ve been putting my praying Nana to work these past few months. I’m also trying to find an internship for next semester. I’ve been washing and rewashing my interview outfits, taking off onto the train, and hoping for the best each time.

When I arrived at my most recent interview, the woman who was supposed to interview me wasn’t there. I was so disappointed, because I’d confirmed that date not once but twice! A woman who works underneath her stepped in to interview me instead. I was nervous. She seemed about her business, and I was sure she was going to grill me. It was awkward initially. She was very quickly rattling off my responsibilities as an intern, all of which seemed incredibly daunting—coffee runs, laying out breakfast, tending to the other staff members’ every little need. It wasn’t until she mentioned transcribing that I found my in. I used that to discuss my editorial experience and how I’m hoping to use that as the foundation for a job working in TV. I told her how ideal this internship would be in figuring things out, while also bringing my experience transcribing interviews, working with others, and writing to the table. She seemed pretty sold. What really brought the interview home was when we discovered we were from the same hometown and grew up a few blocks apart.

Lately, I’ve been realizing how small the world is. It’s so important to always be as kind as possible. I’m genuinely a great person that tries to put my best foot forward. I know I always mean well, and so with that, I hope that I’m rewarded with all of the things I want in life right now. I don’t feel as if I’m asking for a lot. I’m just ready to kickstart what I’ve long envisioned for myself: A fire academic record, an even better internship, and some coin in my pocket! ’Cause Lord knows a bitch is broke. Broke, but for once in a long time, in a really great headspace. Won’t He do it? ♦