I’ve just started to binge watch Gilmore Girls and I’m such a Lane Kim! I’m awkward, a fantasist, and I can be more invested in others’ lives than in my own. Lane is actually one of my favorite characters because I relate to her, especially with the weird hair-touching of Rich Bloomenfeld (of Season One, Episode Eight). I feel like that is something Iā€™d probably do in that situation, cause I’m just as creepy.

On another note, I went to an eye appointment a few days ago and the lady who served me described the glasses I chose as “hideous.” I was too sad to say anything, so I just sat there looking at the floor. The thing that made me really insecure, though, was that the glasses I chose are almost identical to the pair I already wear (they’re the glasses that Bill Haverchuck wears in Freaks and Geeks). I started wondering, Do I look hideous? I felt so low about the situation that I posted a small paragraph about it on my Instagram story and soon after, I checked my direct messages and a girl sent me a really kind message telling me that my glasses give me clarity and to have a good day. I messaged her back thanking her, and told her that I was sending positive vibes her way.

It made me really happy that someone I’ve never met before could reassure me about something that was bothering me a lot. It felt good to know that there are always people looking out for me, no matter how far away they are. ♦