This month’s Collage Kit, by Sendra Uebele, is a fun distraction if you’re feeling stuck—in your feelings, with finals, or because of just plain boredom. Print out these pages and sit down with a pair of scissors and some glue. Time will fly by.

Grab these scene-setters here:


This page of co-stars here:


Some doodles here:


And this starry beauty here:


Later in December, we’ll publish a gallery of all the collages you made with the kit. Send a scan or photo of your collage to [email protected] by Monday, December 19 with the subject line “December Collage.” Please include your first name, last initial, age, and location. If you can save the scan/pic as a high-resolution file (at least 300 dpi)…yay! If not, no big deal. We’re excited to see what you make! ♦