This choker is the perfect end of the year reward.

Wrapped up pretty as a present.

Ribbon is festive for the holiday season, but it’s also useful year ’round. If you’ve got any ribbon laying around, this super simple and cheap DIY is for you! These adjustable ribbon chokers make cute gifts for your stylish friends, and they’re a sweet end-of-the-year reward for you! Make them in minutes and marvel at your work.

What you’ll need:


  • Ribbon (Mine was 1.5 inches by 3 yards.)
  • String
  • Eyelet pliers
  • Eyelets
  • Scissors

How to do it:

Step One


Wrap the ribbon around your neck, leaving a 1.5-inch gap at the center of your neck, then cut the ribbon.

Step Two


Cut two tiny holes at both ends of the ribbon for the eyelets, leaving an equal distance between the holes on each side. Squeeze an eyelet through a hole and clamp it down with pliers. Repeat for each hole.


You should have this so far!

Step Three


Lace string through the top two eyelets and slide the choker over your head. Criss-cross the string, then tie a cute bow. Cut the string to your desired length. (Leave enough so you can adjust the choker later on.)


Keep this for yourself, or wrap it up as a pretty present! ♦