The Lighter

You are gasoline
For an already-burning fire
Rooted in my bones
You are every cell
The very folds of my eyelids
The slow flutters of tired eyes
You are soft skin and bruised knees
I wish to hold your hand
See how they mould together or
Combust like supernovas
See how the lines fade into one another like
Unfinished maps finding their way
Overlapping like mountains
I wish for us to meet
Beneath your jawline
Make trails where it dips like
The end of a
I wish to get lost in
Over collarbones and bare chest
I wish to paint you
You with your warm orbs of light that
Radiant from your body
Just right
I cannot describe the colors of your eyes
It’s cold morning rise and the warm breezes of
summer nights
I wish
I wish to carve your name
Just where my heart is
So that every time it beats I remember that you
Are keeping me alive

By Marylise Habiyambere