It’s cold!

I’m inside and I still feel as though my hands are gonna fall off. The only time it’s OK to be this cold is when there is snow. The weather says it’s four degrees but I don’t believe it. I reckon we’re now in the minuses.

Christmas is fast approaching. I have done the majority of my gift shopping, and I’m looking forward to giving them to the people I love. I’ve decided to make my ’net girlfriend and best friend “open when” boxes. These are boxes of letters and small tokens to be opened on certain dates, to coincide with specific events, or when feeling specific emotions.

The Christmas tunes are being played constantly in the shops, and I can feel the excitement of the shoppers and the disdain of the folks who work there. Soon we’ll be getting cards through the letter box and seeing fairy lights in every window and eating and drinking twice as much, just because of the season. ♦