Standard Orbit

Living years on end in just one day
Acting eternally with required caution
Your sneakers already know the way
While the streets are poorly planned labyrinths…
Your clothes also know
The endless itinerary of your life.
They know the flavors they like
The evils that affect you…
They know everything about you
Or about what you’ve become.
…These things around
They say and describe in detail, their state
They are already part of you.
Even if you do not understand.
Everything in the landscape is in its place of origin,
And what has to move, it follows its course
Without asking for your permission;
Everything in the landscape has a reason
You go through the same places.
And always sees the same faces
His eyes look like a screen, displaying repeated images.
And when suddenly
A new crack opens on the school board wall;
(And when suddenly)
Some furniture has changed place in your house…
Just there.
Although by chance
You can see,
And realizing the change is questioning.
Something inside you started to spin…
You’re alive!
And just like all these things
Directly or indirectly, you can also change places.

—By Mariana Sampaio F., 24, São Paulo