Dear Past Rhianne, 

I am going to just cut to the chase here. Besides, I do not want to ruin the space-time continuum with a letter detailing how your life turns out. I don’t think you have seen Back to the Future yet but time travels and sending any information back through time can be very, very dangerous. However, this is important so listen up. 

Stop talking to that boy! I know when he started dating her, he said nothing will ever change between you two. However, really? You honestly think you can still have the kind of relationship you had now he has a girlfriend? The boy will stop telling you he likes you and how pretty you are. He will only ever message you when his girlfriend is not around. I know what you are going to say, but you were never “officially dating” so therefore things can stay how they are. Lies! Just because there was no label, it doesn’t mean nothing with there. 

I know you have listened to “You Belong With Me” a hundred times this year and believe that Taylor Swift can read your soul. I am going to drop some truth bombs here. He doesn’t belong with you: He belongs to whomever he chooses to be with. He is his own person. You can’t make his decisions for him. You need to respect his liberal right to make his own choices and to choose his own romantic partner

He is not the only fish in the sea. He was just the first fish you felt bite. 

Things will be OK. 

Love, Rhianne 

—By Rhianne C., 20, Australia