1446559388pisces1-140x133Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is grimoire. Lady Luna is in your ninth house of philosophy, so you’re being called to write your own how-to book on how you want to live your life. Grimoires were medieval spell books that contained recipes for powerful magic. You already know how to manifest your desires, but write down a few established guidelines or principles you want to follow. It’s easy for you to get distracted, Pisces, but this will help you stay focused!

Dylan’s advice: What Amelia said: Publish your personal spell book! What has worked for you to manifest what you desire in your life? Was it a spell with candles and crystals? Taking a walk and letting them deliver themselves to you through the quietness of solitude? Sparking up a conversation in a way that encouraged openness and productive dialogue about something you wanted to move along in your life? It’s more helpful than you may have realized at the time to look at past manifestation successes. Work backward to see what steps helped it come to fruition. Keep a log and you’ll have guidance neatly written down somewhere in your phone or journal for when you need it most.

Halloween New Moon Costume: A wizard! ♦