I went into hospital on Wednesday where I had surgery on my jaw. I had to stay there overnight through Thursday evening.

My mum has been looking after me. I won’t be able to eat solid, chewable food for maybe a month or two, so she’s been making me all kinds of soups and mashes and smoothies. And it’s so nice but also…I would kill for some ribs right now.

I forget how much of my self-confidence is tied to the way I look—specifically my face. My face has swollen up a lot and I don’t look or feel like myself. I can’t feel from my lower lips to my chin and there’s a 10 percent chance it will stay like that, which really scares me.

I’ve missed some college, another thing that is stressing me out as I’m gonna have to take another week off for recovery. I’m currently writing a list of foods I want to eat once I get my jaw back. ♦