I have just started to love my body. I have big hips and big breasts and a jiggly belly. I used to hate my body, I would focus on the fat, but there’s nothing wrong with fat! When it comes to other people, people Iā€™m dating or sleeping with, I outwardly applaud their fat. So I decided to do the same for myself. I can be beautiful and sexy. I can be whatever I feel like, and that makes me feel powerful. This embracing of my body has made me get into and become aware of fashion. I like wearing black mesh and lace underwear with fishnet stockings and dark makeup. But sometimes I like to wear metallic tops and bright red skirts with shoes that really don’t match. Of course there are days when I can not decide, so I wear my black doc martins with rainbow knee socks and call it a look because it is.

To insert my queer into the way I dress and look, I wear an abundance of sparkly tights. I shave part of my hair and dye it an obnoxious red because I don’t care what you think. ♦