Conspiracy theories have taken over my possibly computer-simulated life. I’m falling down the rabbit hole at a mind-boggling speed. The idea that my world may not be what I’ve always thought has put me at peace and shaken me at the same time.

My entire life, I’ve been a little worried that I’d never gain the ability to see the world beyond the black and white that I’ve been taught. Sure there’d be gray spots, but I’d heard of them and been taught to not bring them up. My mother used to tell me ghost stories when I was younger, everyone else in my family disregarded anything out of the ordinary.

I think that’s why I was, for lack of better a better term, SHOOK when I started seeing conspiracies trending on social media. It was as though one day I was just living my life, and the next Curious George doesn’t have a tail, there’s no “-” in KitKat, and the Mandala Effect is a big part of my life.

My overwhelming need to tell everyone every interesting thing I learn brought me to learn that my math teacher minored in Philosophy. Why hadn’t I thought of that before? That’d be the perfect thing for me to study! Upon finding out that this was an actual thing that I could do with my life I turned to the person next to me and said, “Does this mean I can get paid for overthinking things?”

Turns out it’s a lot more than that, but I think it’ll be funny to able to answer the question about how I picked my major with: “Well Twitter had a HUGE role in my decision.” ♦