October is the best month, the main reason being Halloween. Now Halloween isn’t as big a holiday in the UK as it is in the U.S. but it’s still pretty awesome. Halloween gives me the perfect excuse to get my SFX kit out, and the face and body paints, and just go to town. I’ve had Halloween parties for two years running, and while I didn’t really want to throw one this year I also didn’t want to break something that is almost tradition. So, I’m having a dinner party, fewer people, less stress, more food, more organized. I’m having it on the October 29, which happens to be the day I and a few of my friends are going to Comic Con. I shall be there dressed as a Vulcan. I hope to make it home by 6 PM to get the food prepared.

On October 30, I hope to dress as an apocalyptic Snow White and go to an LGBT Halloween poetry night. Unfortunately, this year Halloween falls on a Monday, which means everyone has school and work. A few of us, however, plan on dressing up anyway and taking the college by storm.

Now, I know it’s a little bit early to be saying the C-word but before we know it, it will be December and we’ll be panicking over what to get our loved ones for Christmas. This time of year feels like a big countdown until the day we can open socks in the morning. I’m gonna stop right there because my brain is getting excited about the prospect of decorations, and it’s not even November yet. ♦