Golden Girl

A long time ago
when grandiose acts of mischievous boys
became lullabies
made to pack the children sleep
on stormy nights
heard echoing into the early hours
“Never disobey your parents if you do not wish the same end!”
at that time, once
a peasant widow to continue
the support of his only son
left him alone in his small house
to work the land in the prosperous cocoa farms in the region
she could hardly imagine through all that green
that surrounded daily
be on stormy days
or the noonday sun
the heart of a boy
It is like a bird’s wings taught
who always yearns for freedom
without measuring the dangers…
and there he was, by the window
when the play turns on the way to the river
with her golden hair just like sunbeams on a summer morning
and from very small, I never had a single friend!
life had become complicated
since everything is summed him and his mother
soon he would have to become the man of the house.
At that time the children grew
before his parents could blink last
but what was your temptation?
she was also alone, and it also
and that evil would open the door and come out a little?
he also wanted to know
what flavor of freshly cut fruit
right foot, fly a kite
and swim carelessly in the river…
two full turns and lock opened
and there she was running through the woods
not even worried to ask his name
a friend was all he wanted
be a child even for a few hours
and throughout the week that followed
they fished, ran, climbed on trees
and did all they gave them at whim.
Until the day that his mother had come home early from work
and found the open house
and rushed desperate throughout the region
for news to find a neighbor
who warned him about the endless tours
the boy with a strange girl who until then
never been seen in the region
a little girl with golden hair
such as gold wires
so beautiful that even seemed to be of this world
that such beauty fed rumors surrounding the village
where in addition to prosperous farms
lived caves and mines filled with treasures
and everyone knows that places like this
They are guarded by spirits and hauntings
and that the most effective way to stop them
would follow them taking a handful of salt
to throw it on the girl and thus end once
with any questions.
That afternoon the mother very ingeniously
not called the boy’s attention
she had a plan in mind
and punish him would only ruin everything (…)
So the next morning
just as he had planned with his neighbor
she pretended to go to work
and waited hidden behind a tree
until the little girl appeared and called his son
to play
very astutely the woman followed the children
this time decided to play in a cave
near a very large river
and without further ado the frightened mother ran after them
throwing salt on the little girl…
and never before had occurred to him that idea
as soon as the salt touched the girl’s skin
small cracks appeared on her face
and even the most skeptical
They would be able to explain what was happening
before your eyes
the cracks were opening up more and more
becoming increasingly deep
until only remaining fire consuming all around
and even after the controlled explosion
not left over anything or anyone
only this strange lullaby
on stubborn boys, nervous mothers
gossipy neighbors and the beautiful girl golden hair.
So listen to what they tell their parents
exhaustively repeat the older
if you do not wish the same end.

—By Mariana Sampaio F., 24, São Paulo