Twinkling little stars.

Twinkling little stars.

This makeup look came to be when I was invited to a friend’s Guardians of the Galaxy–themed party. I was told to dress up, so I decided to be sarcastic and go as the stars! You can use an infinite amount of stars when recreating the look, which ties in beautifully with Rookie’s theme this month.

What you’ll need:

  • Gold highlighter
  • Gold or silver eyeshadow
  • A star-shaped skin stamp (such as this one)

How to do it:

Step One


Blend highlighter into your cheekbones and across your nose. I used Glossier’s Haloscope.

Step Two


For this step, use your fingers to apply gold or silver eyeshadow over your lids. (You can use a makeup brush if you like, but I find them a little hard to maneuver.)

Step Three


With your skin stamp, make a freckle-like pattern across the area of your face you went over with highlighter. Add as many stars as you like!


You’re done, superstar! ♦