Illustrations by Esme Blegvad.

Illustrations by Esme Blegvad.

Happy new moon in Libra! New moons tend to feel refreshing, but today’s could be even more so thanks to a little help from your celestial friends. Along with the generally lovely vibes of Libra, sign of beauty and harmony, this new moon is accompanied by Jupiter fresh into the same sign. Jupiter is the zodiac’s good luck charm, bringing success, fame, and growth wherever he goes. He takes around a year to transit each zodiac sign, so every time he moves, you get an opportunity to broaden your horizons in a brand new area. Before, Jupiter in Virgo pushed you to refine the details of your life. In Libra, Jupiter becomes creative director, making sure every part of your new self has a consistently gorgeous aesthetic that’s true to you.

If there was to be a tricky part of this situation, it would be that Lady Luna’s getting some major side-eye from Mars and Pluto in Capricorn. The moon, especially in gentle Libra, wants to keep the peace—but Mars and Pluto are fighters. In Capricorn, they’ll stop at nothing to make sure they get their way. You may be torn between wanting to maintain your soft exterior and letting your inner ambition take over. The good news is that, as with all things, there’s a balance to be found here. A helping hand from Saturn in Sagittarius smooths things over while pushing you toward the goals you’ve been coveting. Score!

By the way: Maybe you’ve heard the rumor that, due to NASA findings, the signs of the zodiac are shifting dates. NASA’s new calculations include a mysterious 13th sign in the zodiac called Ophiuchus. But most Western astrologers use the tropical zodiac, which has the 12 signs you’re used to. Long story short: Based on our position in relation to those stars, your sign is still the same. Nothing’s changed!

So enjoy this month’s horoscopes, business as usual…

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