I found my mother’s license on Thursday. The mystery has been solved. She wasn’t 5-foot-1 or 5-foot-2, but 4-foot-11, just like me. I can see why people think I look like her, although I think she looks more like my older sister, just lighter. She had the awkward “this picture is going to be bad” look on her face. I felt less embarrassed about my ID picture.

These days, I’ve been getting out of bed and being productive as soon as I open my eyes. First I look at emails, then I do my whole hygiene thing, then I do yoga. I’m proud of myself because I’ve been doing my morning poses and stretches consistently every day. I occasionally bust a move to whatever I have playing on my stereo between poses.

I moved into my dorm in Manhattan on Friday. It’s small but homey, and I chose a nice spot close to the window. I can’t complain. I’m not sure what roommate thinks of me. I was sleeping when she moved in so we met while I was donning a big T-shirt and my bonnet. It was pretty funny. I hope we won’t have any more incidents like that. ♦