I like lists and order. It’s partly to do with my dyspraxia. I’m naturally a messy person, my bedroom is a pigsty and my handwriting hasn’t changed much since I was 10. It’s because of this that I write lists and don’t draw spider diagrams. I hate spider diagrams, my brain doesn’t comprehend them properly. I remember getting told off for writing a list when we were told to draw a spider diagram. Let me take notes in a way that I can understand. A neater, less cluttered way.

I like what I call “short-term order” as opposed to “long-term order,” which for me means that although my room is messy, when I’m getting ready in the morning I have to lay things out in the order that I’m using them. It also means that I only file things that I use a lot and that if things aren’t neat when I’m working I get uncomfortable.

I am going to finish with a list of things that affect me as a person with dyspraxia:

  • Problems with note-taking and copying information
  • Background noise
  • Difficulty getting started
  • Memory difficulties
  • Planning is difficult
  • Balance and coordination issues
  • Handwriting
  • Limited focus
  • Easily distracted. ♦