A Bill Nye-inspired face.

A Bill Nye-inspired face.

If Bill Nye the Science Guy says the existence of aliens is highly probable, then that’s all the evidence I need. I feel like aliens are probably on a whole other level of makeup artistry. Stardust for highlighter? Lipstick that lasts light years? Yes please! But, since it’ll probably take a while before out of this galaxy makeup is available on Earth, here’s what you can wear in the meantime.

What you’ll need:

  • Gray lipstick (such as this one by Colour Pop)
  • Blue eyebrow pencil or eyeliner (such as this one by Hello Kitty)
  • Purple eyeliner
  • Plum eyeshadow (such as this one by Revlon)
  • Purple highlighter (I used a shimmery purple eyeshadow by Revlon to highlight my cheeks)
  • A light purple, iridescent eyeshadow (such as this one by Milk)
  • Optional: Eyeshadow primer (such as this one by Urban Decay)
  • Sparkly silver liquid eyeliner (such as this one by NYX)
  • Purple blush (Alternatively: Mix coconut oil with Be-dazzled by Colour Pop)

Step One


For this look, I skipped base makeup because pimples, discoloration, and other “blemishes” remind me of constellations, which is perfect for what we’re going for here! If you really want to, you can add a little concealer here and there, just make sure that your skin shines through.

Step Two


Using blue liner, fill in your eyebrows. Eyeliner isn’t usually ideal for brows because they can easily end up looking boxy, but if you use feather light strokes toward the front of your brows and brush them out well your blue brows will look stellar. Here, I went for a straighter brow.

Step Three


After applying primer (this is optional, but it’ll help eyeshadow stay in place longer), use a finger to apply a sparkly plum eyeshadow all over your lid. It helps to concentrate the product in the middle of your lid and then blend outward.

Step Four


Using purple liner, line your under eye three-quarters of the way across.

Step Five


To finish off the eyes, use purple highlighter on the inner corner to make them pop.

Step Six


Once your eyes are all done up and sparkly, it’s time to focus on your lips. Since liquid lipsticks accentuate every single crack on your lips, it’s super important to moisturize before putting on your lipstick! Once that’s done, apply your gray lipstick.

Step Seven


On to the blush! You can use your regular highlighter, but since the one I use is on the paler side, I used a bright purple blush to keep my face from looking dull. We’re going for super cute alien, not zombie. It can be difficult to find a good purple blush, so if you run into trouble, just mix some liquid lipstick with coconut oil to create a creamy color that packs a lot of pigment.

Step Eight


Add a highlight to your cheeks—I used a shimmery lavender cream eyeshadow from the same palette as the plum eyeshadow.

Step Nine


To finish it all off, use a silver liquid liner to draw a star on your cheek. I find that the best way to make a star is to connect five lines together instead of trying to draw it all in one go.


And you’re done! When aliens inevitably make their way to our planet, they’ll be in awe of your skills and maybe even reveal some makeup tricks of their own. ♦