I can take...a COMPLEMENT.

Can you take…a complement?

There are a lot of things to adore about summer—especially the fact that it encourages the sporting of bright makeup looks! Take advantage of this Crayola season by experimenting with some complementary makeup combos. I decided to use a blue-orange color combination, but any two colors that sit directly opposite each other on this here color wheel will pair up beautifully:

color wheel

What you’ll need:

How to do it:

Step One


Use the eye liner to make a simple winged line on the top of each eyelid.

Step Two


Trace your lower lash lines with eye liner, right beneath your bottom lashes. Stick to the area that is covered by eyelash: It’s all about simplicity with the lines, nothing fancy.

Step Three


Lip time! Apply your lipstick/stain, and be precise with the application—the goal is clean lines. Although, on second thought, the popsicle-stained lip look could do very well here, too. It’s up to you! Layer the lipstick/stain until you get a nice color going.

Step Four


Clean up the edges of both your eyeliner and your lip color, and you’re finished! Prepare yourself to be complimented on these colors. ♦