So, you know the classic lesbian stereotype and joke…?

“What does a lesbian bring to the second date?”

“A moving van.”

Well, I’ve finally fallen into the woman-loving-woman stereotype of moving too/very fast. My girlfriend and I, within a week of knowing each other, have done the following: Had our first date, decided to date officially, slept at each other’s houses, had sex (a lot of it), and she has told me she loves me and often brings up going away together. She has also met my parents and my best friend—and my cats.

Up until now my dating history has been tragic to non-existent. I had a boyfriend for two days and an enbyfriend for nine. The only romantic relationship I’ve had for longer than a month was with a girl who didn’t even want to label the relationship “a relationship.”

So, let’s see how this goes. ♦